Subject: Grand-Case

Mural on a Small Building in Grand-Case

Mural painted on a concrete building that survived Hurricane Irma. This one is circular in style, like much of the ones that appeared after the hurricane.

Mr. Simmon, Grand-Case

Mr. Raymond Fernando Simmon, who was born in Grand-Case, worked as a contractor in Somers, CT and spent his weekends with friends and family in New London, CT.

La Bohême’s door, Grand-Case

A restaurant door painted with leopard spots is boarded up after Hurricane Irma. The sign reads “La Bohême is transferred to the West Indies Mall of Marigot opposite Sexy Fruit.”

Flag Painting

The French flag is painted on wooden pallets in Grand-Case. One also flies in the background.

Mural in Grand-Case

Jimmy Sabas’s @ mashinart covers buildings in St. Martin with elaborate murals. This one is on the remains of a building in Grand-Case.

Graffiti Lips

Lips are painted on the boards sealing off a ruined restaurant in Grand-Case. This is one of many cases of graffiti that were drawn after Hurricane Irma.

Map of St. Martin

One of the Grand-Case murals represents the island of St. Martin

Grand-Case medical office

A medical office, made of concrete, survives Hurricane Irma; however there are still boarded up windows.

Menu of Destroyed Restaurant

The menu is still displayed at this Grand-Case restaurant that took extreme damage from Hurricane Irma. The rubble and damage make it clear this building is badly in need of relief.

Building in Grand-Case

Art on the outside of a Grand-Case building in the wake of Hurricane Irma.