Subject: Landscape

A dried field as evidence…

A dried field in the hills of Concordia marks the destruction of Cité Popo that took place twenty five years ago.

Saint-James neighborhood

The neighborhood of Saint-James in Marigot where a number of houses belonging to foreigners were burned down by the French government in the aftermath of Hurricane Luis. From afar there are no traces left of the destruction.

Creole Rock mural in Grand-Case

The mural depicts the landscape in the background as viewed from a house destroyed by Hurricane Irma. One can see Anguilla, Creole Rock and Bell Hill.

Red Roofed Home

The ruins of what was once a tiny red and white home in Grand-Case.

Pinel Island

One of the numerous small islands where tourists and locals enjoy going to rest quietly.

Trump’s Villa, Lowlands

Unlike much of the island, which was severely damaged during Hurricane Irma in 2017, President Trump’s villa was nearly unscathed.