Subject: Marigot

Pharmacy in Marigot

Marigot’s central pharmacy advertises its business against the backdrop of damage from Hurricane Irma.

Ebenezer Methodist church in Marigot

The church has been damaged but the walls survived the worst of Hurricane Irma. Plywood bars anyone from entering through the door.

Former Hospital in Marigot

Former hospital in Marigot, now an administrative building for the French departments of Transportation, Equipment, and Development. The building is beginning to show signs of wear.

Storefront in Marigot

A Levi’s store in Marigot announces that it will reopen soon, after closing for Hurricane Irma. The newspapers cover is reminiscent of the traditional tapestries found in Caribbean small wooden houses.

Main Street in Marigot

Scaffolding is up to conduct repairs on Marigot’s busiest street after Hurricane Irma. This wealthy area is being rebuilt steadily in the wake of the hurricane.