Theme: Hurricane Luis 1995

Saint-James neighborhood

The neighborhood of Saint-James in Marigot where a number of houses belonging to foreigners were burned down by the French government in the aftermath of Hurricane Luis. From afar there are no traces left of the destruction.

Men Rebuilding Cité Popo

Using what materials were available, two residents of Cité Popo do what they can to rebuild their neighborhood after the damage done by Hurricane Luis. September 8, 1995

Lawyers inspecting burnt houses owned by Haitian nationals

Following Hurricane Luis, the houses of foreigners were burned by the French government and the Saint-Martin city hall. An investigation was led by a number of French activist organizations that led to lawsuits against the government and the town hall. December 7, 1995

Mr. Marcelin standing by his house

Mr. Marcelin standing by his house that was burnt down by the French government on October 9, 1995. December 5, 1995

Coralita Hotel Wasteland, Oyster Pond

Coralita Hotel sits abandoned ever since Hurricane Luis. It is one of the seven hotel wastelands that never recovered from Hurricane Luis (1995) and Hurricane Lenny (1999).

Mr. Marcelin’s Portrait

Portrait of Mr. Marcelin, whose property was burnt down by the French government on October 9, 1995.  Mr. Marcelin filed a lawsuit against the French government following the destruction of his house. December 5, 1995