Theme: Hurricane Luis 1995

Mr. Marcelin’s house set on fire by the city hall

Following Hurricane Luis, the city hall of Saint-Martin and the French government illegally set a number of Haitian nationals’ homes on fire to make them leave the island. October 9, 1995

“Tenth Station of the Cross” Church of Marigot

Multimedia by François de Caunes, 30 x 50. The montage reads “They stripped him of his clothes and share them” François de Caunes, “To the undocumented migrants of Cité Popo, razed down on September 22, 1995” inspired by the Gospel of John 19:23-24

Marigot before Luis

Marigot and its marina lie in tranquility, shortly before being hit hard by Hurricane Luis.

Sunken boats in Simpson Bay Lagoon

Several of the 1,200 large boats damaged and sunk by Hurricane Luis in Simpson Bay lagoon, once considered the safest lagoon in the case of hurricanes in the Lesser Antilles.

Boarded stores in Marigot

In anticipation of Hurricane Luis, owners of luxury stores boarded up their windows.

Flooded street

The aftermath of Hurricane Irma on the French side.

A Shell gas station boarded up

A gas station boarded up to prevent looting and broken glass in the wake of Hurricane Luis

Drying laundry on lines after Luis

Residents on the Dutch-side of St. Martin dry their clothes on clothes lines outside of their homes following the hurricane.

Grand-Case airport after Hurricane Luis

Grand-Case airport was heavily damaged by Hurricane Luis. Relief had to be sent through the international Princess Juliana airport on the Dutch side.