Subject: French side

Marigot Prefecture

Large, solidly made structure of the prefecture in Marigot in ruins following Hurricane Irma.

Damaged Store in Marigot

A shoe store in Marigot is closed due to damage by Hurricane Irma. The door and windows are boarded up to prevent looting

Saint-James neighborhood

The neighborhood of Saint-James in Marigot where a number of houses belonging to foreigners were burned down by the French government in the aftermath of Hurricane Luis. From afar there are no traces left of the destruction.

Damaged seafront house, Marigot

A Marigot house by the seafront was damaged after Hurricane Irma. The only relief provided is a tarp for the roof.

Destroyed Second Floor

A second story of a building in Grand Case is almost completely destroyed after Hurricane Irma. The wood and panelling it was made of was not able to withstand the hurricane.

Destroyed Air Conditioning

An air conditioning unit sits destroyed on a building in Grand-Case after Hurricane Irma, as part of the wreckage needing to be removed. Graffiti is drawn below the unit.