Subject: French side

Alley, Grand-Case

An alley leading to the public beach from the main street of Grand-Case

Bike in Grand-Case

A bike is stored hanging off the porch of a second story house. The porch appears to have been rebuilt after Hurricane Irma, as the original porch did not survive the storm.

Blue walls and white balconies

This house in Grand-Case survived Hurricane Irma, though the roof was damaged and is in need of relief.

Beach in Grand-Case

The beach at Grand Case showing both damage from Hurricane Irma, and evidence of the Saint-Martinois French citizenship. There are leftover decorations from a birthday party on the beach, and artwork among wooden pallets and wreckage.

Grand-Case Mary Star of the Sea Church

The Catholic church stands damaged but is functional after Hurricane Irma. Tarps on the roof account for patchwork damage control.

Mural on a Small Building in Grand-Case

Mural painted on a concrete building that survived Hurricane Irma. This one is circular in style, like much of the ones that appeared after the hurricane.

Mr. Simmon, Grand-Case

Mr. Raymond Fernando Simmon, who was born in Grand-Case, worked as a contractor in Somers, CT and spent his weekends with friends and family in New London, CT.