Subject: French side

Sunken boats in Simpson Bay Lagoon

Several of the 1,200 large boats damaged and sunk by Hurricane Luis in Simpson Bay lagoon, once considered the safest lagoon in the case of hurricanes in the Lesser Antilles.

Boarded stores in Marigot

In anticipation of Hurricane Luis, owners of luxury stores boarded up their windows.

Flooded street

The aftermath of Hurricane Irma on the French side.

Grand-Case airport after Hurricane Luis

Grand-Case airport was heavily damaged by Hurricane Luis. Relief had to be sent through the international Princess Juliana airport on the Dutch side.

Cité Popo, the day after

Cité Popo was deeply impacted by Hurricane Luis. On September 22, 1995, the French government destroyed the entire shantytown and it was never rebuilt.

Trump’s Villa, Lowlands

Unlike much of the island, which was severely damaged during Hurricane Irma in 2017, President Trump’s villa was nearly unscathed.