Theme: World AIDS Day 1995

“Together for Hope”

Poster saying “Together for Hope” in French, to provide visibility and support for HIV/AIDS patients.

World AIDS Day Poster, Marigot 1995

A poster in French promoting the use of condoms to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. The poster reads : “If you forget to use a condom, you are at risk.”

World AIDS Day Drawings, Marigot 1995

Paintings calling for fighting the transmission of HIV/AIDS. They read “I give my love, not my life!”, “Play with your life not mine!”, “Condoms protect you.”

World AIDS Day, Marigot

In 1995, the Association of Dominican Immigrants sponsored the World AIDS Day Fair in the town of Marigot. The sign reads, “Association of Immigrants. Dominican hearts united supporting International AIDS Day of St. Martin.”