Theme: Cité Popo

Mr. Marcelin’s Portrait

Portrait of Mr. Marcelin, whose property was burnt down by the French government on October 9, 1995.  Mr. Marcelin filed a lawsuit against the French government following the destruction of his house. December 5, 1995

“Tenth Station of the Cross” Church of Marigot

Multimedia by François de Caunes, 30 x 50. The montage reads “They stripped him of his clothes and share them” François de Caunes, “To the undocumented migrants of Cité Popo, razed down on September 22, 1995” inspired by the Gospel of John 19:23-24

Cité Popo, the day after

Cité Popo was deeply impacted by Hurricane Luis. On September 22, 1995, the French government destroyed the entire shantytown and it was never rebuilt.